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What's New - January 2018

  • Happy New Year everyone - and our new Thought for the New Year is here.
  • Congratulations to the "Women's Own" in celebrating their 80th Anniversary with an afternoon service in 'the Grove' on Tue 17th September. You can view a photo from the service on our Twitter page.
  • We had our Thursday teaching series again this year with guest speakers each Thursday evening during November. Many thanks again to all our guest speakers. You can listen to all of these on our "Audio Ministry" webpage.
  • Our Twitter (@GroveBaptist) is updated a couple of times most days. Even if you don't have Twitter on your mobile phone, you can read all our tweets on the Internet here.
  • To listen in to our church services anywhere around the world, just go here.
  • Have a look at all the upcoming meetings and events on our on-line Calendar here.
  • Many congratulations to Andrew Allen who recently retired as one of our Elders in 'the Grove'. To see a photo, just go here.
  • To read a welcome message from Pastor Jonny Ormerod, just go here.
  • To view all our church photos, just just go here.
  • The church at Grove was 100 years old on 1st November 2015. We had a special Anniversary Weekend from Friday 30th October to Sunday 1st November. Thanks again to our speaker during the weekend, Dr Robert Murdock and for the Sydenham Salvation Army band and Songsters for our Saturday praise night. It was great to catch up with old friends and to meet new ones. Many thanks for your presence with us over the weekend.
  • A short version of our "Get into Grove" video from 1999 was added to YouTube. To have a look, just go here.
  • New photos are also posted each week on our Twitter feed here
  • Have a smart mobile phone? Why not keep an eye on 'the Grove' Twitter feed… "@GroveBaptist". It is updated a few times each week with verses, photos, links to articles etc. Or to see it on your Computer, just go here.
  • The 'Real Lives' mission between the four local Baptist churches took place from 21st - 26th April 2013. This was held in Castlereagh Baptist Church sports hall and was a great success. Many thanks to all those who made the event happen. To listen to all the Real Lives talks, just go here to download them. You can also still go here to view our Mission Presentation
  • It is great to see new faces attending our Sunday Services. Our Sunday Services are at 11:30am and 6:30pm. You can also listen to our Church Services on-line by going to our Audio Ministry page and and selecting the service you want to hear.
  • All our church organisations are listed on our What's On page. If you need to know any more information on any of the organisations, please send us an email here.

Last updated 1/01/18