Baptist Missions

Baptist Missions - Ireland

Baptist Missions - Ireland can be traced back to 1814 when the Baptist Irish Society was formed.

This became the Irish Baptist Home Mission in 1888 and Baptist Missions - Ireland in 1977. Our evangelism and church planting activities are carried out in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


Baptist Missions - Peru

Baptist Missions - Peru originated with the founding of the Irish Baptist Foreign Mission in 1924.

The first missionaries were sent to South Peru in 1927. Our work is mainly among Aymara indians in the Departments of Puno, Moquegua and Tacna.


Baptist Missions - Europe

Baptist Missions - France goes back to 1972 when a decision to get involved in the work in Europe led to a relationship with the Baptist church in Villefranche near Lyon. We are currently involved in a church planting project in the Marne la Vallee area of Paris.

Baptist Missions has been providing pastoring in Algeciras, Southern Spain, since 2004.

Ministry in Russia provides Bible College treaching and preaching in the former Soviet Union.


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