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June 2021

"We are not alone"

May 2021

"The Lord is my Shepherd "

April 2021

"April fool"

March 2021

"Tempus fugit"

February 2021

"What a day!"

January 2021

"Thin places for thin times"

December 2020

"Hide the lollies, it's the Gilpins!"

November 2020

"Welcome sinner friend!"

October 2020

"As ugly as the back-end of a bus!"

September 2020

"Wake up and smell the roses"
(A rose amongst the thorns)

August 2020

(Wide awake)

July 2020

"Be Frank"
(You must be born again)

June 2020

"The REAL church"
What is the Christian church all about?

May 2020

"Old and full of days"
(Job done!)

April 2020

"Why is God allowing the coronavirus pandemic?"

March 2020

"Weapons of Mass Distraction"

February 2020

"What is Marriage?"
(Marriage under attack?)

January 2020

"Blind to the things of God"

December 2019

"Swing low, sweet chariot"
(England and slavery)

November 2019

"An inconvenient truth"
(Global Warming or Global Scorching?)

October 2019

"Helter skelter"
(Seeing It Differently)

September 2019

"The unpardonable sin"
(Simply unforgiveable!)

August 2019

(I'll see you in hell!)

July 2019

"The Dove from above"
(Holy Spirit help)

June 2019

"Mr Greedy"
(Who ate all the pies?)

May 2019

"Get away when you can"
(Whose choice?)

April 2019

(deepest waters)

March 2019

"Life’s hard, then you die"
(The circle of life)

February 2019

"The loneliest man in the world"

January 2019

"There is no God!"
(New Year's revelation)

December 2018

"Jesus Cares or Jesus Scares?"

November 2018

"Do not be deceived!"
(The Eternal Jew)

October 2018

"Bring me sunshine"
(Light in a dark valley)

September 2018

"Passport heaven"

August 2018

"Holding it all together"

July 2018

"How shall we escape?"
(The great escape)

June 2018

"Jesus is coming to save us"
(…but at a cost)

May 2018

"Greyfriars Bobby"
(Faithful expectancy)

April 2018

"Our Jerusalem"

March 2018

"Will Grigg's on fire"

February 2018

"Too many miles on the clock"

January 2018

"Known unto God"
(A soldier of the Great War)

December 2017

"Paint the whole world with a rainbow"

November 2017

"Jesus wept "

October 2017

"The Fiery Furnace"

September 2017

"Mary, Mary, quite contrary"
(Unconvincing da Vinci Code)

August 2017

"In the twinkling of an eye"
(Absent from the body, present with the Lord)

July 2017

"Getting away scot-free"
(Poppy Day Massacre)

June 2017

"Leap of faith"
(World's oldest skydiver)

May 2017

"Time of the signs"
(…and signs of the time)

April 2017

"Abort! Abort!"
(What does the Bible say about Abortion?)

March 2017

"Hide and Seek"
(Ready or not, here I come!)

February 2017

"Salt of the earth"
(Northern Ireland style)

January 2017

"Blinking near water"
(Lighthouse tea)

December 2016

"Ye of little faith"

November 2016

"Running away"
(They all left him and fled)

October 2016

"True Riches"

September 2016

"Remember me when I'm gone"
(Our legacy)

August 2016

"Into the flames"
(Child killer Robert Black)

July 2016

"Leave EU, forsake EU"
(I will never leave you nor forsake you)

June 2016

"For such a time as this"

May 2016


April 2016

"Anticipated traffic numbers"
(Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell?)

March 2016

"Harlot to heroine"
(The blood-red scarlet thread)

February 2016

"Imagine no religion"
(Living life in peace)

January 2016

"Good will to all men"
(I want a religion…)

December 2015

"Where is God?"

November 2015

"One Direction"

October 2015

"God's Telephone Number"

September 2015

"Try the reins"
(Whoa boy)

August 2015

"Heaven: harpists need not apply!"

July 2015

"Beacon of Hope"
(Bonfire Night)

June 2015

"Our Right to be Forgotten"

May 2015

"In a right jam"
(Preserved for all eternity)

April 2015

"Darkness into light"

March 2015

"Loved before the dawn of time"

February 2015

"We are but dust…"

January 2015

"Is… there… any… hope?"
(On eternal patrol, USS S-4)

Christmas 2014

"Let there be light"
(Born into darkness)

December 2014

"A whale of a time?"
(Jonah and the whale)

November 2014

"My God says 'go and do'"

October 2014

"Bloom where you're planted"

September 2014

"Failure is not an option" (among other Hollywood lies)

August 2014

"No hope here" (Sign for the times)

July 2014

"I am a Christian"

June 2014

"It's the real thing"

May 2014

"Hands down for coffee!" (Decaffeinated Christians)

April 2014

"And here isn't the news" (Padina's story)

March 2014

"Astonished by the Word"

February 2014

"Sir, we would see Jesus" (Who do they see in me?)

January 2014

"Escape from the deep" (Up from the grave he arose!)

December 2013

"The magic of Christmas" (It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas)

November 2013

"You only live once?" (YOLO)

October 2013

"Who wants to live forever?" (Eternally yours)

September 2013

"To Hell and back" (Michelle Knight, a true overcomer!)

August 2013

"Spectacular Falls"

July 2013

"Summertime and the living is easy…"

June 2013

"There's something about Mary" (Mary, Mary, quite extraordinary!)

May 2013

"4 Funerals and a Wedding"
(Conflicting emotions)

April 2013

"A tale of two gardens"

Easter 2013

"The greatest day in history"
(Oh, happy day!)

March 2013

"Down with this sort of thing"
(Careful now!)

February 2013

(Man on the Moon)

New Year 2013

"Special branch"

January 2013


December 2012

"Light of the world"
(You shine upon us)

November 2012


October 2012

"Too Buzzy??"

September 2012

(Behold the Man)

August 2012

"Big Daddy"

July 2012

"Bridge over troubled water"

June 2012

"The Scream"

May 2012

"The long walk"
(Prepare to meet thy God)

April 2012

"Comfortable Christianity"
(Are you sitting comfortably?)

March 2012

"Beholding the Son"

February 2012

"The Man who calmed the sea"

January 2012

"Raison d'être"
(Reason for being around!)

December 2011

"Wisdom from on high!"
(Be at peace with Him)

November 2011

"He has no hands but ours"

October 2011

"Temporary vs. Forever"

September 2011

"There they crucified Him"
(Luke 23:33)

August 2011

"Report Card"
(could do better)

July 2011

"Shrek the sheep"
(the sheep that was lost)

June 2011

"Michelin Man"
(when the rubber hits the road)

May 2011

"The Greatest"
(Who IS the Greatest)

April 2011

"The Voice of Hope"
(a thought for Easter)

March 2011

"The Homecoming"
(return of the prodigal)

February 2011

"2012, the end of the World"
(is nigh?)

January 2011

"Monkeys don't pray"
(It's not all in the genes)

December 2010

"You stole our Holiday!"
(Counterfeit Christmas)

November 2010

"Brotherly Love"
(It's not optional!)

October 2010

"TWITTER, the Tweet and the twits"
(Someone talked!)

September 2010

(Lead me to the cross)

August 2010

"And the Books were Opened"

July 2010

"The Truth lies within"
(X Ray Martyr)

June 2010

"Pettiness and Persecution"
(Dying to be left alone)

May 2010

"Walk on"
(Soul survivor)

Easter 2010

"Tombstone truths"
(I told you I was ill)

March 2010

"Hell's Bells!"

February 2010

"Why does God allow suffering to happen?"
(an awful question)

January 2010

"The Mind's Eye"

December 2009

"Look unto Him"
(Stop, look and listen)

November 2009

"Urbanus McManus"
(a wee bit of encouragement)

October 2009

"Honest to God!"

September 2009

"Not of this world"
(just passing through)

August 2009

(better go and get your armour)

July 2009

"How to fail successfully"
(and be in good company!)

June 2009

How many Baptists…
(Change of heart)

May 2009

"Captain MarvelTM"
(Faith in action)

April 2009

"Simon Cowell - über cool"
(Dead popular!)

March 2009

"contentment" with a capital C

February 2009

"Dying to Self"
(An uncomfortable thought)

January 2009

"The Rapture"
(Hope from Heaven)

December 2008

Peace on earth and goodwill to all men?
(A Holy Row)

November 2008

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind

October 2008

End of the World?

(Disaster Hedron!)

September 2008

Playing Church

(No time to play)

August 2008

Credit Crunch

(Crunch free zone)

July 2008

Religious Freedom?

(Gospel 'no go' areas)

June 2008

Hell, does it REALLY exist?

(A Hellish Thought)

May 2008


(A bad Omen!)

April 2008

Saints and more Saints

(Saintly sinners!)

March 2008

Sharia Law

(Intelligent idea?)

February 2008

Bad British Bill

(Human/Animal Embryos)

New Year 2008

The Long Stretch!

(Stretch Marks)

January 2008

Canoe believe it!

(Missing Person)

Christmas 2007

Now that’s a Christmas present!

(Reason for the season)

December 2007

Contrasting Results

November 2007

‘Climate Change’ or ‘Change of Heart’?

Sep/Oct 2007

Excuses, excuses, excuses

August 2007

Ding-bats and Wallys!

(People matter)

July 2007

Happenings in Hospital

(Two stories)

May/June 2007

A New Joseph?

(Wear the coat)

April 2007

Who Cares Anyway?

(One man down!)

Feb/March 2007

Princess Victoria

(Naval tragedy)

January 2007

New Years Honours

(Unsung heros)

Nov/Dec 2006

Madonna with child

(Malawi baby boy)

October 2006

Look where you're going

- are you blind!

(Blind to the obvious)

September 2006

Free Gift

(Not just ice-cream!)

July/Aug 2006

Da Vinci

(Code for nonsense)

June 2006

The Main Man

(But not Rooney!)

May 2006

Last words

(Listen up!)

April 2006

Kids are expensive

- no kidding!

(Train up a child)

March 2006

Mohammed cartoons

(Offence of the cross)

February 2006

West Virginia coalmine disaster

(False hope)

January 2006

New Year - no fear!

(Dragons ahead?)

December 2005

George Best - the greatest?

(Simply the best)

November 2005

Great Predictions!

(Fools on the future)

October 2005

N. Ireland 1 : England 0

(Football's David & Goliath)

September 2005

London Bombings

(Shaken but not stirred)

July 2005

Retiring Offering

(Retirement, the right way)

June 2005

A Living God

(Living to show He's alive)

May 2005

Jackson Trial

(Famous show trials)

April 2005

Victoria Cross

(Private Johnson Beharry)

March 2005

The Fool

(Psalm 53:1)

February 2005

Blasphemous BBC

(Jerry Springer - The Opera)

January 2005

New Year's Revolution

(Happy New Year)

December 2004

Good News from a far Country

(Afghan Hostages Released)

November 2004

Lord Lucan

(Making a name for oneself)

October 2004

Russian Massacre

(Beslan bedlam)

September 2004

Only the Olympics!

(The race of Your Life)

August 2004

That sinking feeling?

(Solid Foundations)

July 2004

EURO 2004

(Room at the Inn?)

June 2004

Have a GOOGLE at this...

(Searching the heart)

May 2004

A Helpful Handshake?

(Gaddafi and Blair)

April 2004

A voice from the dead

(Cain and Abel)

March 2004

Darkness reigns supreme

(Wisdom from the BRIT awards!)

February 2004

The Bible has ALL the answers

( what's the Question?)

January 2004

Church Today

(Not Sunday already!)

December 2003


(Our angle on angels)

November 2003

Life with Leprosy

(Unclean! Unclean!)

October 2003

Just thinking about Justice

(Just Rewards)

September 2003

Profit and Loss

(Valleys and Mountain Tops)

August 2003

Learning to trust in the Lord


July 2003

The Beauty of Christ

(He is altogether lovely!)

June 2003

Rags to Riches

Riches to Ruination

(Third World/Next World)

May 2003

Happiness or Hopelessness?

(Happiness is to know the Saviour...)

April 2003

How DID Jesus die?

(A thought for Easter)

March 2003

Friends in High Places

(Help from above)

February 2003

Losing your Focus

(A spiritual eye test)

January 2003

A Christmas baby who changed the world

(The evils of cloning)

December 2002

Heaven or Hell?

(Do we really care?)

November 2002

TIME - use it wisely

(A timely reminder)

October 2002

Jesus' Return

(Peril or Poetry?)

September 2002

Itching Ears

(2 Timothy 4)

August 2002

Hypocrisy in the church

(Read this you hypocrite!)

July 2002

Shake it off!

(Letting the past pass)

June 2002

Loving the Unlovely

(What's love got to do with it?)

May 2002


(Proud of our Pride?)

April 2002

First Generation Baptists & us

(Uncomfortable comparison?)

March 2002

Thinking about Heaven

(Heavenly Thoughts)

February 2002

God's Valentine

(God's love for 14th February)

January 2002

Why do the Righteous Suffer?


December 2001

Torture and Triumph

(Psalm 22)

November 2001

More, or less?


October 2001

Terrible Times

(Terrorist Attacks on USA)

September 2001

Escaping your Difficulties

(A look at David - Psalm 18)

August 2001

Perceptive Prayer

(One to make you think...)

July 2001

Useful Numbers to call...

(The Bible wont let you down)

June 2001

Saved, but secure?

(Ever doubted your salvation?)

May 2001

God is

(True traits of an infinite God)

April 2001

The GRACE of God

(God's Riches At Christ's Expense)

March 2001

Our usefulness to God

(A brief look at Elijah)